Lifeline Infrastructure

A comprehensive range of solutions & services that are essential to the everyday running of an organisation and integral to meeting the business needs of our customers.

Business Applications

As our customers modernise and digitally transform their business environment, they are seeking business applications that improve efficiency, maximise organisational and employee performance, improve customer experience and minimise risk via integrated solutions, flexible delivery and reduced TCO.

Business applications help to address this by solving both business and IT challenges. Organisations can leverage business applications to better meet customer and employee and organisational demands, while managing compliance and risk.

NEC delivers integrated COTS, best of breed and custom business applications from leading technology companies, best suited to meet businesses’ individual needs – integrating people, systems, applications, processes and devices.

Our consulting-led approach, solution and not vendor focus, and experience in systems integration and service delivery, along with our nationwide delivery and support network, means that we deliver optimal outcomes for customers. Our broad expertise allows us to build, manage and support applications and hardware, via a range of consumption models (on premise, private cloud or hybrid).

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Data Centre Platforms

Our customers are seeking secure data centre platforms for compute, storage and networks, that simplify infrastructure, support an increasingly mobile workforce with a proliferation of devices and data, and provide a more flexible cost structure.

Data centre platforms help to address this by offering architectural flexibility. Scalable, flexible data centre platforms ensure organisations can consolidate and virtualise their IT environment, manage data volume and data security in a private or public cloud, allowing organisations to manage their IT environment as a service.

NEC offers a range of data centre platform technologies from leading vendors, best suited to meet businesses’ individual needs – across compute, storage and network. Our consultative approach and experience in consolidation and virtualisation, cloud, and XaaS, along with our nationwide support network, means that we deliver optimal outcomes for customers.

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Our customers are seeking networks that connect the organisation, employee and customer. These networks need to be agile to support the increasing number of mobile and data-reliant devices, while ensuring the security of data. Organisations need voice and data services delivered quickly, with maximum speed and reduced operational costs.

Networks meet this need by supporting the exchange of data between devices, the organisation and externally in a secure and optimised way to minimise downtime.

NEC delivers a range of network options from leading technology companies. Our services and expertise help medium-sized and large organisations in the private and public sectors drive flexibility and scalability in business systems, processes, and transformations. NEC has extensive local and global leadership in SDN and is in a unique position to consult on and to deliver end-to-end networking solutions. Services include business and technology consulting, network design, systems integration, and solution delivery – through to delivery of optimal solutions as a fully managed service or XaaS.

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End-user Workspace

Our customers need to support users’ access to services, applications and data - on any number of devices and geographic locations. Users want to remain connected – as an extension of their usual desktop environment. Organisations also want greater flexibility, employee productivity enhancements and cost savings, while maintaining a secure and collaborative environment.

End-user workspaces meet this need by providing employees with flexible working options and enabling collaboration in a secure environment, whilst still reducing costs, increasing agility and flexibility and driving productivity for organisations.

NEC delivers a range of end-user workspace options, focused upon improving the quality of IT managed service delivery, optimising IT operations, and reducing the total cost of operational service delivery. Our services are tailored to the specific operational and strategic needs of our clients. NEC offers flexible, tailored, innovative solutions to clients seeking to maximise their return on investment.

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IT Services

You compete in a complex and dynamic marketplace where differentiation is achieved through service excellence and flawless execution. NEC understands the importance of service reliability, adaptability and management. Keeping our customers’ businesses up and running is a partnership and managing the complexity of multiple communications service environments is what NEC does best.

Since 1969, Australian businesses and government agencies have depended on NEC and put their trust in our ability to provide them with Australia’s leading communications and IT services expertise. NEC can take over the time-consuming tasks of managing and maintaining your voice, data and network infrastructure in a multi-vendor environment. So you can focus on your business rather than the IT infrastructure and services that support it.

It is no surprise then that more 1,300 organisations trust NEC to be a safe pair of hands to support their communications and network infrastructure. NEC has the people, resources and facilities - including extensive design, development and testing facilities – to deliver flexible and cost effective multi-vendor solutions.

Our Professional Services and Consulting team offer advice, guidance and consulting to get to the heart of business challenges before communications and IT investment decisions are made. Our Maintenance and Support Services follow agreed SLAs and are backed by an Australian-wide to support, maintain, and extend the life of your communications and network infrastructure. Going one step further, a fully Managed Service can manage your voice, data and network infrastructure as well as the business processes, or completely outsource ownership for absolute peace of mind.

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