Digital Signage & Display

Cutting edge innovation

Customers are looking for high quality, leading-edge display and digital signage solutions that deliver performance they can trust and that leave a lasting impression on audiences – be it in education, government, business, health or commercial/retail environments.

With a wide range of display and digital signage solutions that are recognised globally for quality and cutting edge innovation, NEC is a leader in visual communications. Our solutions include specialised desktop displays, large-screen LED and LCD public displays, intuitive digital signage software along with in-room and digital cinema projectors – all backed by NEC’s expertise in hardware/software consulting, configuration, maintenance and service/support. From the office desktop and meeting room environments to digital cinema and multi-screen 4k video walls, NEC has a solution to meet customers’ unique display and digital signage needs.

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Smart City

Deploying smart and safe technologies in cities helps increase the standard of living and prosperity of its citizens while enhancing economic resilience.

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