Smart & Safer Cities

Scalability for the future

Today, city services and infrastructure are facing greater pressure. As urbanisation continues, citizens are consuming more resources, producing more waste and demanding better living conditions in ever greater levels of density.

At the same time, governments face tighter budgets, ageing infrastructure and the pressure to sustain the commercial attractiveness of their urban areas and the prosperity of their communities.

Technology exists to help increase citizen standards of living while enhancing community economic resilience. The combination of connected devices, cloud networking and affordable individual mobility compute power can help reinvent cities.

NEC uses an open-source platform and open data as cornerstones to building a smart city. The platform can integrate existing systems and scale for future services. City technology partnered with the local community helps drive the transformation of cities for a new age.

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Smart City

Deploying smart and safe technologies in cities helps increase the standard of living and prosperity of its citizens while enhancing economic resilience.

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